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#RAK: Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

By Victoria Holland

Many often say “Nothing we do matters,” and this often becomes an excuse to act in a less than kind manner and treat others in a less than kind fashion, because of one’s belief in a lack of repercussions. But if this  is true – that there is no greater meaning behind our life and nothing we do matters – then all that really matters is what we do, because what else is there?

Ignoring others or putting someone down is the easiest thing to do, there’s this quote that goes “It takes strength to be gentle and kind” which is true. It’s so much harder being kind hearted then it is to be cruel. It’s the easiest thing in the world to be selfish but it takes a brave person to have a big heart and take that risk to put your heart on the line. But you know you’re doing wonders if you do something for someone else just to make them happy, you are that small ray of hope in the world that some people are desperate for.

You can show someone how much you care or appreciate them with but the simplest act of kindness, because we all know when our days have been darkest something small can brighten up this dreary world. And I think we all know the feeling of doing something for someone and seeing that look on their face, like on a Birthday where you’ve been dying to give that person their present for months and now they’ve finally opened it and they’re delighted, the look on their face and the knowing that you and only you have made them happy is the best reward – it gives a lovely warmth and glow.

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Why should we leave this kind of kindness to Birthdays and Christmases? And why should we give joy with presents and why only to our friends and family? When doing something for a stranger, like helping them with their heavy shopping in the street can mean so much more. It’s a different type of gift, the kind money can’t buy and the kind that can’t be taken away.

Why is doing something for a stranger not the norm?

We’re all human after all and we all feel the same things. You know if you were down and someone cheered you up or did something to help you that it’s an instant weight off, you know how wonderful it feels, so why not do the same for someone you don’t even know. Sometimes they may need it more than you know and your small random act of kindness to them could be the biggest gift in the world.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” ― Plato

I remember working at the theatre around Christmas selling programs and talking to an elderly lady who was wearing a cutie robin pin. I remarked how lovely he was and she said “If you like him so much he’s yours” and just up and gave him to me, I protested I couldn’t take him but she insisted and I wore him with pride. His chirpy  little face and  little red chest made me so happy, but the thing that made me smile all day and every time I think about receiving him was the fact this lady had just given him to me for no apparent reason, just to be kind. It was but a little thing to give, yet gave me so much joy.

I’ve always loved robins, and whenever I see one I have a flood of memories. Christmases, school holidays, me and my dad feeding the one in my back garden who prances about and now I will always think of the elderly lady who gave me her robin pin, her smiling face and kindness will always stay with me. She will live on in my memory until I am old and grey and that is something you cannot buy or take away.

Doing a random act of kindness gives others hope and joy, shows that there is good in this world and inspires others to do good as well. Research has found although unhappiness may engulf one in negativity (both in thought and action), doing something kind for someone else can break the cycle of negativity and even depression, and in turn make your life better as well as well as their.

So I urge you to try it out because everyone needs a good #RAK!

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