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Things you can do to help preserve oceans and marine life


The ocean is kind to us, and it’s high time we are kind to it too. It is essential for our survival on this planet, so it is vital that we take steps to protect it. Here’s some everyday ways that you, as an individual, can help to preserve our oceans and marine life.


Minimise plastics

Plastics make up the biggest percentage of harmful debris found in our oceans. Reducing your use of single-use plastics (e.g. plastic cups or bottles, supermarket bags) and recycling properly and efficiently is a great way to start minimising personal plastic use.


Don’t eat farmed fish

Fish farming impacts oceans immensely, with waste and chemicals being released into the ocean, and escaped farm fish competing with wild fish for food, depleting the wild population. Take a step towards preserving marine life and don’t eat unethically produced farmed fish.


Be aware of using products with pellets/ microbeads

Those tiny little beads that you find in facewash are super great for exfoliating, but not so great for the ocean. These microplastics can soak up chemical pollutants and release the toxins into the ocean and animals that eat the pellets, so best steer clear of products containing them.


Research your sunscreen’s ingredients

I am an extreme fan of sun protection, but there are certain kinds of sunscreen that contain the chemical Oxybenzone. This chemical is most commonly found in the spray-on sunscreen varieties, and has been found to be poisonous to coral reefs – contributing to coral bleaching and stunting reproduction and growth.


Don’t leave your litter on the beach

Not only is this not courteous to other people and the environment on shore, but littering by the ocean contributes to the billions of tonnes of litter in our oceans. Don’t be a litter bug!



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Image Credit: Pixabay

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