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Choosing to buy Free-Range

Choosing to buy Free-Range

By C. Pen

As we walk into the super market or the butcher’s, our primary selection criteria, more often than not, is look and taste. Usually, when animal products such as meat or eggs are procured from the animals in high-volume, industrialized “farms,” it is often done through harm (and often cruelty) having been brought to them.  Buying free range animal products may be a choice based on the fact we don’t want the animals that we eat, to have been tortured. With free range animal products, one can be relatively more assured that the animals were freer, happier and lived well (or at least better).

A few more reasons for choosing free range animal products:

  • These products are free of antibiotics, drugs and other added hormones. When the animals are not given foods that are genetically modified, they remain organic and healthy. They are feed on organic food with nutrients abound and are raised in healthy environment. And, when you consume them, their nutritious intake will be passed on to you.
  • In some of the non-organic farms, the cattle are forced to eat the leftovers of their own species, often causing them disease. Eating such cattle can pass on these diseases to the consumer, which adversely affects their nervous system. So, when you procure the meat yourself, ensure that they have fed on organic food only.
  • Of course, the most important reason for people to choose the free range animal products is that they are treated ethically and in a more humane manner. These animals are not treated like commodities and are allowed to roam around freely in the farms. They graze freely, when they need to, and feast on what they wish to. And, this will ensure that there is better nutrition in each serving you have.

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  • Another important reason for having free range products is the manure which is used in organic farms. The manure will be free of contamination and will be completely pure and will lead to the growth of good grass and plants on which the animals feed.
  • Also, these organic farms do not utilize as much artificial fertilizers and pesticides as their more commercial counterparts, so the animals would not graze on these chemicals. So, when you eat organic meat products, you will not be taking in any of these second-hand chemicals.
  • Finally, one good social cause for buying free range animal products is that you would be supporting a smaller farm and a family by buying products from them. When you buy from an industrial farm, you are essentially putting money into the pockets of an already wealthy conglomerate.

So, when you go about choosing free range animal products, you can make sure that the animal products come from a farm where animals were raised in a positive environment. This will not only help your conscience but will also ensure that your family gets the healthiest possible food option. And, you should not just stop there. You should also encourage your friends and family members too to change their food habits and go for free range animal products whenever possible. You would be doing a great service to society, and to you & your loved ones. Go organic – help promote health and conscious farming practices.

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