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Good International is a non-profit group and publication dedicated to inspiring action that positively impacts the planet, society, and individuals. We boast a global readership, with contributors and readers spanning the US, UK, Australia, and select parts of Asia.

Article Requirements


  • Word Count: 250-1000 words

Core Criteria


  • Focus on aiding others or enhancing the world.
  • Exclude self-help, self-interest topics, and negative commentary.


  • Maintain a positive and encouraging tone to motivate readers to take action.

Global Relevance

  • Craft articles that are universally applicable, particularly within the developed world.
  • Avoid region-specific references that could isolate international readers.

Call to Action

  • Preferred but not obligatory: Include a call to action that encourages positive change.

Resource Links

  • Optional: Add links to external resources for readers who wish to delve deeper.

Submission Process

  • Submit your article here.

For further questions or clarifications, feel free to reach out to our editorial team.

By following these guidelines, you help us achieve our mission of inspiring impactful, altruistic action worldwide. Thank you for contributing to Good International.

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