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Adopting Pets: Choose Shelters over Breeders

There are many reasons why you should consider adopting pets instead of buying one. You will find a better selection of animals at shelters than at pet stores. Animal shelters take in pets of all breeds and ages, while pet stores have a limited variety and number of pets. There are often many puppies at shelters. You can also find housebroken adult dogs. Many shelters have websites with information and photos of their animals available for adoption. You can visit their websites to save time. Here are other reasons why you should choose shelters over breeders.

Save a Life

Adopting pets means you are saving a life. This act helps to reduce the number of euthanized pets. Pet agencies and shelters try their best to take care of the animals they rescue, but sometimes, the animals are put to sleep due to various reasons. There are a lot of homeless pets, but not enough space in shelters. When you adopt a pet, you can make sure that the pet you pick is safe. You are also opening up more space at the shelter for another animal in need.

Choose a Pet of Any Personality and Age

Adopting a pet allows you to pick one of any personality and age. Young animals are charming but are also a handful. Older pets are often the better choice for many families as they are much calmer than younger ones. You’d pay for fewer vaccinations as well, so you can save money. If you want to get a young dog, you can also find one in a shelter. Many shelters offer personality quizzes to help you find the pet that meets your needs.

Adopted Pets are Better for Your Health

Animals offer emotional, physical and psychological benefits. Caring for pets reduces stress, provides a sense of fulfillment and purpose and helps one cope with mental illnesses. Adopting pets gives you a sense of pride as you know that you’ve helped an animal in need. This improves your emotional health. You will also get a lot of love from your adopted pet.

Stop Puppy Mills or Irresponsible Breeding

Puppy mills or irresponsible breeders only care about the money they will earn. They don’t care about the health of the pets they take in. The animals in breeding facilities live in small wired cages and are breed over and over again. These animals don’t know what it feels like to be a part of a loving home. Puppy mill animals that can no longer breed are often euthanized or left abandoned. Some pet stores don’t know that they are actually buying puppy mills.

If you are buying a pet from a pet store, it is possible that you’re unknowingly supporting puppy mills. Other stores get the animals from breeders who offer stock at discount prices but secretly get their stock from puppy mills. These pets can have different incurable health problems. The animal will be euthanized, and the owner will want to look for a replacement. It’s a never-ending cycle. If you don’t want to support such practices, you should go to an animal center and adopt a pet.

If you want to add a pet to your family, check with your pet rescue organization or local shelter first before you go to a pet store. You will definitely find a lovely pet for your family.



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