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7 Ways to Help Syrian Refugees

Most of us have been hearing about the plight of Syrian refugees for as long as we can remember, but know little about the part we can play to make a difference. Below are the key ways you can help.


Donate to the International Red Cross who help treat, feed, and keep safe those on the run.

You can also donate to the White HelmetsĀ – Syrian Civil Defence – who are helping those in Aleppo hands-on, on the ground.


Volunteer with the International Rescue Committee to volunteer at a resettlement office.

It is often difficult for refugees to find employment or gain work rights in time to support their families. the #WorkForRefugees project by World Vision encourages you to contribute a small portion of your work earnings to charities supporting refugees.


Through the Refugees Welcome project, if you have a spare room or a couch, you can open up your home to asylum seekers in need of shelter. The program has not expanded from Germany to over 20 countries.


Petition global leaders to provide emergency funding to help educate the nearly half a million of these children to help provide them a future.

If you’re an employer, offer employment opportunities to refugees where possible, through advertising on resettlement centers and the like.


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