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Android: Go Green With These 5 Apps

There are many ways to show the earth some love — from recycling and gardening to simply appreciating the nature around you. These apps can help with all of the above and more — paving the way for greener, more eco-aware living.


Why we love this
  1. Greenify your life in a range of areas, from energy consumption to food choices, with JouleBug’s tips and encouragement
  2. Earn badges and points for eco-friendly actions, and share your achievements with friends and in-app communities
  3. Participate in monthly “Eco Challenges” and join communities to take part in local challenges


Why we love this
  1. Learn about the wildlife near you (and around the world) with insights from over 400,000 scientists and naturalists
  2. Snap a pic of a plant, animal, or insect and identify it with the help of the community and AI-informed suggestions
  3. Explore field guides curated by users, national parks, and museums on topics like “Birds of Gambia” and “Lichens of Panboola”

eBay  & Vinted

Why we love this
  1. Buy and sell secondhand with eBay, and curb some of the waste generated by constantly cycling through new goods
  2. Whatever you’re looking to buy or sell, from parts to clothes, chances are you’ll find a seller or buyer on eBay or Vinted. Secondhand goods are this massive marketplace’s sweet spot; just filter for “used” or “refurbished” under “item condition.”

Garden Tags – Plants & gardens

Why we love this
  1. Cultivate your garden with the help of Garden Tags’ plant-loving community and task manager
  2. Learn about the plants you’re growing (or hope to grow) with a community-powered encyclopedia
  3. Share photos of your plants for identification advice, tips, and encouragement from other gardeners

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