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No Need for Greed

By Nivedita Singh

The presence of so many alternatives in our life makes one wonder how fortunate we are (or are we?). Making a choice is suddenly harder than we thought. The current environment requires every logical person to think through every decision they make, purely because things aren’t so simple anymore. You’ve got to step outside the box to see the full picture. The box I am referring to is one full of opportunities, temptations and an unimaginable degree of possibilities. It’s a box you’d never like to exit, in the fear of losing comfort and addictions.

A friend of mine recently decided to purchase her second car, in a span of only 12 months. Not seeing the logic or the need for this impulsive purchase, I decided to ask her. Her response wasn’t something that shocked me, but definitely opened my eyes to the fact that we, as a race, are spoilt for choice. Purchasing a ridiculously expensive vehicle, or buying an exorbitantly priced dress is not an exception, it is the norm. It is just what you ‘do’- without reason, objective and most importantly, without need.


For everyone reading this article or just glancing past it, I hope and pray that the next time you blow five hundred dollars on a dress or decide to express your love via a fancy , overpriced (and limited quantity) meal, remember to step back and question yourself, not your bank balance.

A five minute session of serious introspection can yield miraculous results. Look around you and then look up, just to say a big thank you to the universe for how much you have, how little else you really need, and how much you have to offer others. Be grateful for the basics, and not for the accessories – because many are struggling for just that. Count your blessings more frequently than you do, for you never know how quickly life could teach you a lesson or two about ‘treasuring what you have’.

The joy lies, not in the destination but in the journey itself. It is realized in bringing joy to others, not just oneself. So quit the elaborate plans, the ‘I am going to pamper myself’ shopping sprees, and use that time and money to make a difference for someone else for a change.

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One thought on “No Need for Greed

  1. Hi

    Just want to comment how judgmental and preaching this article sounds.
    Gonna need a better editing before publishing it up.
    You do want a positive vibe established, don’t you?

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