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The 7 Deadly Sins of Modern Activism

The struggle for social change has never been easy, but modern activism is fraught with pitfalls that could dilute a cause or turn allies into skeptics. Using the framework of the seven deadly sins—Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth—we can identify detrimental tendencies in modern activism. Awareness of these pitfalls can guide activists towards more ethical and effective approaches.

Pride: Ego Over Empathy

Activism isn’t a platform to boost personal reputations or garner social media followers. The focus should always be on the cause, not the activist. Beware of letting pride dictate actions; it can blur the line between earnest activism and self-promotion. Strive for humility and open collaboration instead.

Greed: Hoarding Resources and Opportunities

Whether it’s funding, manpower, or publicity, the instinct to hoard resources for one’s cause can harm broader objectives. Instead, look for ways to share resources and collaborate, amplifying the impact beyond what one group could achieve alone.

Wrath: Excessive Outrage without Nuance

While anger can fuel movements, wrath without nuance leads to destructive behavior, dividing allies and even repelling potential supporters. Effective activism calls for channeled, well-informed anger that galvanizes but does not burn bridges.

Envy: Competitive Activism

Instead of viewing other successful campaigns with jealousy, activists should celebrate and learn from them. Envy can lead to toxic competition and in-fighting, distracting from the cause at hand.

Lust: Overindulging in Media Attention

While media coverage can be beneficial, the desire for constant attention can distort a movement’s objectives. The focus may shift from the cause to maintaining the limelight, thus diluting the original message.

Gluttony: Overextension and Burnout

Passion can drive activists to take on too much, leading to exhaustion and decreased effectiveness. Prioritize and pace yourself; it’s essential to remain energetic and focused for the long haul.

Sloth: Armchair Activism

It’s easy to tweet a hashtag or share a post, but such minimal efforts, often termed ‘slacktivism,’ shouldn’t replace substantive action. Although social media can be a useful tool, true activism demands more than just online engagement.

Navigating Activism with Virtue

By recognizing these ‘sins,’ activists can engage more constructively in social change. Turn Pride into Humility by focusing on collective gains, convert Greed into Generosity by sharing resources, and transform Wrath into Courage, standing firmly but wisely against injustice. In doing so, modern activism can evolve into a more potent force for good.

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