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Free Rice Project – Help Fight Hunger.

Every single day, we are caught up fighting our own battles, and often underestimate those which face others. Be it someone’s battle to fight their urge to spend extra so they could save some more for their family or trying harder to get better grades in college, to earn a decent livelihood. Others battle to merely put food on the table.

If we try and have a look at the world around us, we feel an unpleasant vibe, spread across the globe; hunger and storage of food being the most dominant reasons of all.

Stats reveal that one in every 8 persons go to bed hungry, every night. 98% of the world’s hungry live in developing countries of which 60% are women. A Survey by Mercy Corps. reveals that around 9 million people die of hunger each year. Added to that, it’s a pity that every 10 seconds, a child loses the batter of life, just due to hunger.

With all this said and highlighted, there needs to be a mechanism to try and counter this threat. There needs to be someone who must put in all efforts to try and make the world a better place; try and get all the starvation crept out of it. Laying the foundation, one brick at a time, the Free Rice project is one such initiative that aims at solving the hunger problem, to the best if their potential. But nothing can be completed on its own, your support is required at every step to help make the project a success.

The concept of the project is pretty amazing. You get to have fun while doing something pretty good to finish hunger all over the world. The website includes a number of simple games for you. Be it Math, Chemistry, Science, English or anything else that you are good at, simply choose a game and make your contribution. You must answer questions based on your favourite subject and for each correct answer, 10 grain of rice will be donated to the ‘World Food Programme’ on your behalf. All of this simply requires a few minutes of yours and once you are done, there is bound to be an inner satisfaction that you have actually made a difference.

Much of life is about doing good, but we often don’t realize how easy it can really be to do so and fail to as a result. At the end of the day, it all comes down to getting through this life the best we can, together. This world is a tough place to live in, but programes like the ‘Free Rice Project’ revive out faith in humanity and makes us believe that there is still some good left in society. So join hands with us and be a part of our’ Free Rice Project’ and help us fight hunger, one household at a time.


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