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The 7 Day Challenge

The 7 Day Challenge #7daychallenge

It is often the smallest of things we do that ends up meaning the world to someone. While we can’t all put on the proverbial cape and save the world, it doesn’t take much to go that extra mile every now and then, and have a positive impact. Join us in taking our own baby steps towards doing just that, with this 7 day challenge.

Day 1: Give a homeless person something useful
Have you walked past the ailing homeless man/woman at the street corner one too many times without giving it a second thought? Grab a pillow, blanket, shoes or something useful (be it from home or the dollar store), and the next time you walk past him/her, hand it to them.

Day 2: Compliment, thank & smile
– Praise someone for something they’ve done or are good at
– Genuinely thank someone that deserves it
– Smile at someone who looks like they could use one

Day 3: Donate
Skip your next coffee, drink and/or snack, and donate the money to a charity of your choice

Day 4: Help someone
Be it assistance with a project or a hand with the groceries, help someone out in need.

Day 5: Volunteer
Many non-profits integral to the betterment of our community rely on volunteers to operate. Find a volunteering opportunity near you, be it for an hour or for a day.

Day 6: Host a couch surfer
As fantastic as travel is, it can be daunting and expensive. Make it less so for someone, by hosting them as a couch surfer; and if you can’t, show them around your town!

Day 7: Less about me, and more about you
Make a conscious effort in conversation to say the word “you” more than the word “I.” You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this can make.

Every little good deed add up, and the whole is often greater than the sum of the parts.

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