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7 Reasons You Should Donate Blood

Blood donation is no new thing. You might have even donated or will donate blood at some point in life. Although, it is not the idea of blood leaving your body that is moving. In fact, you will truly understand the deepness of this act when you see foreign blood flowing into a stranger’s body. Blood that is literally inducing life into someone can sway hardest of hearts.

If you have never or only donated blood a couple of times, here are 7 reasons to motivate you:

  1. There are hundreds of people at a time praying for a blood transfusion. Your blood could be the reason someone lives or has a few more months to see through with their loved ones. Emergency situations can be truly stressful for both patients and their families. If the right blood can be found in such times, you can end up easing someone’s hardship
  2. Cancer patients have a great need for blood donations. Your blood could help someone continue their fight against this deadly disease. If you have been planning to play your role in fighting the cancer war, blood donation is a good point to start
  3. If you have a rare blood group, your donation could be even a more beautiful act of kindness. People with rare blood groups who befall a sudden need for transfusion can face great difficulty. To eliminate such dire situations, donors can ask for their blood to be reserved. These reserved banks can be lifesaving when hope is almost dwindling
  4. If you feel helpless in bringing a change to this world that seems so rigid most of the times, there could be nothing better than a blood donation. If you manage to save a single life with your blood, you have actively participated in helping the world become a better place
  5. Many children and seniors could benefit from a blood transfusion. It is possible that many of them belong to your community. By donating blood, you are helping your own community and ensuring to keep it thriving with life
  6. Your blood donation could motivate someone else to do the same. The more people you can inspire to donate blood, the more people with need will be able to benefit
  7. Blood can’t be stored for a long period of time. Therefore, blood donations are needed constantly. Hence, there are hospitals, non-profit organizations, and volunteers urging people to come forward. A healthy person can donate blood every 2 months. The more the blood donations, the easier it will be to keep people in need of it alive

Blood is literally life. There could be not a more beautiful gift one human can give to another. It feels a selfless act when you save a loved one’s life with a blood donation. However, when your blood gives life to a complete stranger, it is a distinct experience of witnessing the beauty of kindness. Find out today if you are eligible for donating blood safely.

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