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By Simone Ravenscroft

We all judge each other – this is a fact of life. I believe I speak for the majority when I say, if you can genuinely look someone in the eyes and say you have NEVER passed judgment on another person in any way, you would be lying.

Judging someone comes naturally to us because we view and assess people based on our own person concept of “the norm.” Sometimes we judge because the other person contadicts our own believes- of what we should dress like, look like, believe in, enjoy, hate, and the list goes on.

What say we shift our perspective and turn it around. What do you think you are personally judged on?  When honestly asking myself that question, I know I’ve got my own strengths and my own weaknesses. However what makes one ‘s perception and opinions right, and the other’s wrong?

Why are we so quick to judge a person on how they look or dress and toss them into a pre-conveiced category; and more importantly how is it fair?

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I once saw a man on a train dressed as female – wearing a bright yellow dress with mascara and bright red lipstick. I could see the looks people were offering him and it made me sad. I used to admittedly be one of these people. Having changed my preception since, I saw it differently. I thought to my self – I would love to honestly have to confidence to step out of my apartment and be myself completely – inside and out. Why coudln’t we look at him and admire him for his courage, because in a way he has more confidence than most of us .

How much more as human beings would we learn and evolve if we accepted others for who they are and learn from one another. Would society not evolve for the better? There would be less hate crimes, bullying, racism; and more love, acceptance – that is for certain.

Just remember when you’re passing judgement on another, often times it is but a reflection of your own insecurities. Being a good person generates a positive environment around us, allowing us in turn not to judge ourselves quite as harshly either.. Until one is able to accept other people and find positives in all our unique differences, we will struggle to fully accept ourselves, and we as a people will struggle to progress as a united race.

So the next time you see a man in a yellow dress and mascara, try to commend him for his courage and the ability to be himself. We are not all always going to agree on what others are trying to do or say, but we can most certainly learn from it and broaden our horizons.

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