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NFP Spotlight: The Kids’ Cancer Project

By BC Phillips

One of the darker elements of human nature is our propensity to seek out reasons to avoid helping others. It’s easy to maintain our sense that we are good and just when an external factor is present that makes the misfortunes of others due to their own faults. We can rationalize denying aid to the homeless because the life choices they made have led them to their situation. We can easily refuse to fund an addict’s treatment because he is ultimately responsible for his own actions, regardless of what his addiction tells him to do.

But when it comes to sick children, there is no basis on which to deny them help; they are too young to have done anything to deserve the unfortunate turn their lives have taken. The reasons for which we deny them our assistance must therefore not be something external to us, but due to our own natures. Therefore it is much more difficult to justify.

If we are capable of extending a helping hand to another, and it comes at little cost to us, it is in our best interest to do so. Individuals who fail to do so suffer a diminished sense of personal value, as the value that we have is primarily based in how we relate to others. Those who take much but give back little may reap the rewards of wealth but suffer in terms of their contributions to society.

To simply earn, but not contribute outside of work, is unfulfilling. Some people can live this way, but can they be truly happy? How much mental energy does a person have to expend to justify their goodness to themselves when they can feel it instantly when performing acts of good will?

The Kids’ Cancer Project offers opportunities for individuals to get involved with helping children who have cancer. This can be anything from direct financial support to volunteering time to help out at the organization’s events. The Project also sells teddy bears to raise money for children, and members of the public can help fundraise for them in their own communities.

Children who have cancer bravely confront a situation that would cause many adults to despair. Many of them are too young to understand why this is happening to them. Many of them do not make it. They deserve our help to get through these difficult times, and we should give it to them.

The Kids’ Cancer Project funds research to cure cancer, focusing on the most common cancers that afflict children today, neuroblastoma and brain tumors, which can kill up to 50% of the children who get them.

By donating, you can help support this research to end childhood cancer. Imagine playing a part in discovering a real cure for a deadly disease that sickens and kills so many children around the world. If you were looking for an opportunity to have a real impact during your lifetime, look no further. The opportunity is right in front of you.


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