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The Human In Us [poetry]

The Human In Us

By Ishmael

True story, envision it as if it is happening as I tell you now.

Traffic on the freeway, a little girl is eating a chocolate mint ice cream in the back of an SUV.

A business man looks over at the child in his fresh off the lot BMW. He smiles because the mom has no idea that there’s ice cream smeared all over her window.

Then it happens…BAM a truck slams into the SUV pushing it off the freeway.

People get out of their cars and grab cameras and stare.

Biological instinct kicks in for the man in the suit and he tells everyone how to help and what to do.

He throws off his jacket and tie and slides down the side where the mom of the SUV is trying with all of her might to get her daughter free because there are flames igniting everywhere.

The people as a team flip the vehicle over but it looks almost to late.

It all catches in flames but the man in the suit doesn’t back down as he gets inside through the driver’s seat.

He is burning, on fire at the leg, but his focus is getting the little girl out.

At least he gets her free and just in time for her, but too late for him.

The car explodes.

No one knew the man’s name until one of the helping hands picked up his jacket and found his ID.

This is what life is about, when you take a stand to help and reach out your hand to another human and not judge based on the color of the skin or where they are from.

Embrace and cherish the best in who you are.

We will all be challenged to stand to face a truly altruistic task.

The question will not end in the sentence but belong in the heart of a fellow person who will have to act when later becomes sooner.

This man, like many people do things that others look at as heroism.

But this hero does not have super powers or wear a cape.

He or she could be you or me. Lets be more humble and service this planet as gracious human beings.

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