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Make a Difference from Home

It is difficult enough to find a way to have a positive impact with complete mobility at our disposal. So, to do so from the confines of one’s home may seem virtually impossible. But, there happen to be a multitude of ways in which you can make a difference without needing to venture past your front doors.

Donate A Photo

Donate a Photo donates $1 per photo you upload on the platform to support great causes through Save the Children.

Help the blind with BeMyEyes

BeMyEyes lets you connect with low vision or blind people, via their phones, to act as their eyes through video calls. Or if you prefer, you can do the same with just photos via

Volunteer Online with the UN

Use your skills to assist the UN online across a myriad of crucial global projects; be it in the capacity of a designer, writer, translator, teacher, researcher, and much more.


Share a meal with a disadvantaged child with the tap of a button, from just 50 cents, via the World Food Program.

Go Vegetarian for A Few Days

Going vegetarian for even one day per week can dramatically reduce the impact you have in terms of water usage, soil erosion, carbon emission, crop availability and much more.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child through World Vision, Child Fund, or UNICEF to give millions of children access to clean water, education, vaccines and much more.

Browse for a Cause

By installing a small plugin, you can raise money for charities everytime you open a browser tab, without any additional effort on your part.

LibriVox Audiobook Volunteer

Volunteer to record audiobooks to help millions of those where are unable to read or see.

Volunteer as an Online Crisis Counsellor

Help others in crisis by volunteering as an online “listener”or crisis counsellor via Crisis Text Line or 7 Cups.

Translators Without Borders

There is power in information. Make information or accessible to all by volunteering as an online Translator Without Borders.

Adopt an Endangered Animal Online

Adopt or sponsor an endangered animal from just $15 per month through the World Wildlife Foundation.

Check Up on Someone

Call, text, or FaceTime a friend or loved one who you think may be going through a difficult time.

Donate Intelligently

Do your research and donate to highly rated charities who are making a true difference in the world.

Educate Through Online Courses

An expert on a subject? Educate the world by offering a free online course on platforms such as Udemy.

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