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Impact through Your Know-How and Who You Know

Making a difference can be done on a budget. Making a difference does not take a large corporation, or even a rich investor.  Everyone has something to add, no matter their social standing or income.  We all have our own special set of skills and strengths, and we can use those to help make a difference.

Get Your Employer Involved

Some employers will match donations to certain charitable organizations. They may match a monetary donation, but they may also donate needed supplies or other things to an organization about which their employees feel strongly. Many large corporations have certain organizations to which they donate and they allow employees to get involved in those donations as well.  They may also donate things to a raffle or other fundraiser that is being put together by an organization you’ve decided to join.  It never hurts to ask, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the lengths your employer is willing to go to help.

Get Backing from Family and Friends

Getting involved in an activity where you can collect pledges is a great way to donate money to a cause when you don’t have a lot of money to donate yourself.  For example, you could participate in an Alzheimer’s Walk where every person pledges a certain amount of money for every mile that you walk. Each person’s donation is small relative to the whole, but you can surely raise much more money through these types of activities than you could donate through your own means alone. Not only can your friends and family sponsor you, but you may just give them the motivation to participate as well, and to find their own sponsors. Soon, your simple donation grows exponentially.

Volunteer Your Time and Talents

Non-profit organizations are always looking for volunteers. Maybe you have a way with words and a non-profit group is looking for someone to write press releases for them.  Or maybe wood working is more your style and a local dog rescue is looking for someone to help them build dog houses for their rescues. Some people like to read and they find a great place in a literacy organization reading to children. Even playing cards is a great skill when it comes to just spending time with older folks who may not get out of the house much or have many visitors. Volunteering your time not only makes a difference for the organization and for those people you are helping, but it makes a difference in your life as well. It can give a sense of purpose and teach you new things about people.

One of the biggest tips in regards to making a difference is to try to keep your donations local.  At the very least, do some research about an organization to which you intend to donate.  Find out what they really do and how they use the money you send them. Even if you decide to donate to a nationwide organization, make contact with your local branch or chapter of that organization and see what projects they have going on and how your money will be used.  There may be an option to donate to that organization locally so that your money stays in your community.  When you volunteer your time and talents, you can see for yourself what good your donation is doing and that you are making a difference in the lives of the people that you are touching.  We all have something to offer others, and the need is not always monetary. You can make a big difference in the lives of people in your community, even on a budget.

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