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Saving the Arctic

Saving the Arctic

Tabitha Freeman

The Arctic is one of the most majestic and beautiful places in the world. It houses incredible life forms such as polar bears, penguins, narwhals, and walruses and is becomes almost a kind of surreal painting to the eye. Even further, aside from the aesthetics, the Arctic is a heartbeat for this earth, as it regulates our planet’s climate and even controls the circulating of the ocean currents.


It is because of the Arctic’s extreme significance in the world around us that we must protect it and preserve it in every way we can. The statistics of the health of our precious Arctic today are sickening. In 2012, the Arctic sea fell to the lowest level ever recorded –not to mention that in just a short span of thirty years, over 75% of the sea’s necessary ice has disappeared. What does this mean for the wildlife? The gorgeous animals that call the Arctic home are struggling to survive as the Arctic melts around them. Between ever-growing global warming and invasive oil companies ready to drill, the melting will cease to stop unless we stand up for our Earth’s heart now.


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So what can we do to save the Arctic and in turn actually save our planet? By declaring it a global commons for all, which will put a stop to oil companies coming into the Arctic sanctuary and drilling it up. There is no official government to protect the Arctic, so we as the people of this world have to step up. Many organizations like Greenpeace are dedicated to becoming true guardians for the Arctic and you can help tremendously. Together, let us call on the world’s governments to safeguard the heart of our earth. This isn’t a useless endeavor— some thirty-odd years ago, many organizations took on this very same mission to save Antarctica and it worked. Today, Antarctica is still a global sanctuary that is untouchable to exploitation.


You can help groups like Greenpeace in their efforts by visiting to donate, for more information, and by helping spread the word on this important cause. Even the smallest amount is one more step forward towards saving our planet.





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