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Authenticity and Impact: Being Your True Self for a Brighter Future

By Michael Trainor

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself I want to be just like them. They seem to have everything I want and are living the life I have always dreamed of. Little beknown to us, that person is probably thinking the exact same thing about someone else… maybe even you. It’s human nature to always want more and thats ok, there is nothing wrong with ambition. What we can’t change is who we truly are, and why would we? If people gave themselves half a chance the results would amazing. You are unique, you have qualities and skills that no one else in the world has and you are here to share that with the world.

I was the exact same, and a year or so ago I was fortunate enough to be shown a different perspective on life. Don’t get me wrong, my material life has in no way changed, I mean my house is still too small for our growing family, bills are piling up monthly and my job is still under appreciating. What has changed however is I’m ok with it. The awareness of my choices and surroundings has helped me appreciate everything I do have instead of the things i don’t.

This feeling of contentment has allowed me to connect better with myself and with others.  I don’t stress about money nearly as much, I don’t judge people as much as I used to and I am able to catch the negative thoughts that pop in to my head and replace them with positive ones before they take over and start to snowball into negativity and emotional tumour. I have complete faith that opportunities will arise, the answers will come unexpectedly and eventually one day I’ll get on top of the bloody housework.

Allowing your mind to be free of the chaos most of us have will allow you to distance yourself from certain situations and let the right choices present themselves instead of fighting against what comes naturally which will lead to the same old results of disappointment.

How can we begin this “shift in consciousness”?

A positive mindset is a big one. In a world of mental illnesses and depression, keeping a positive mindset is difficult at best. Even the surest of people struggle pulling themself out of self defeating thought patterns. When I first met my now wife she battled with depression and as the egotistical 18 year old I was, I felt that it was nothing more than a spoilt brat syndrome and she needed to just get over it. I mean what did she have to be depressed about? She is attractive, has a beautiful soul and an enormous heart but little did i know at the time she had no idea what she had to offer and felt worthless. It amazes me that everyday people don’t know their worth and they struggle to see all the greatness they possess and have to offer, the same greatness complete strangers can see in just the glimpse of a smile.

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How do we pull ourselves out of this?

Be aware of the thoughts that pop into your mind. If you notice negative thoughts, silly scenarios, judgement or prejiduce of any sort, simply dismiss them and move on to something positive to counteract it, this is very hard to do at first but with practice and persistence you’ll begin to notice the change almost immediately. The fact that you are even aware of the thoughts taking shape means you’re on the right path to a helpful and more positive mindset.

Know your strengths and weaknesses. We all know what we are and aren’t good at. Instead of beating yourself up over something you know you can’t do all that well ,why not allow someone else the opportunity to help you? They will feel grateful because you A: asked them over someone else and B: given them the opportunity to shine. This will not only rid the feeling of defeat but give you both a positive boost, a shared experience, and allow you to continue to smash what you are good at.

Be the first to offer assistance. This could be in the form of a service, donation or even simply affection (hug, shoulder to cry on or just someone there to be talk at, not necessarily to, in other words ‘listen’). This will build a mutual sense of positivity, and almost always guarantee that when things go wrong in your life you’ll have people around you to help.

B: Be the greatest gift you have to offer
E: Experience and help others experience life and all its greatness

Y: You are unique!
O: Open your mind and crave knowledge
U: Understand you are here for a reason and people need you

The flow on effect happy open minded people have on others is incredible and an absolute joy to watch. I am talking about the people in the world that know exactly who they are, what they have to offer and have a heart of gold.

Be who you truly are and the rest will follow.

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