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Un-Random Acts of Kindness: 10 Things That Every Good Person Should Do

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five-or-so years, you’ve probably heard of the ‘random act of kindness’ phenomenon. It could be a stranger paying for the food of the person behind them in the drive-thru line, or could be as simple as holding the door open for someone (back in my day we just called that manners though.) Well, I think it’s time for some un-random acts of kindness. Here are some must-do things that everyone should get on board with.

Don’t litter

This one is very easy. When you are finished with something, don’t just let the wrapper fall from your hand and onto the street. Hold onto it until you find a trash can and pop it in there. The streets will be clean, and so will your conscious.

Call your mama

This lady carried you around for nine months, gave you life, and then raised you for 18 + years. Why not give her a call more often and tell her you love her? Mums also always appreciate you telling them what you’re up to so they can brag about your achievements to anyone who will listen.

Be nice to the wait staff

Yes, it is their job to serve your food, but they aren’t your servant. I can also guarantee you that they’d rather be on a Floridian beach soaking up some sun than be at work serving less-than-grateful customers, so a general rule of thumb is to treat them like a human being.

Don’t live your relationships through social media

Be in the moment and love your significant other in real life. We all love an update on how you guys are going, but we don’t need to be bombarded daily with smoochy pics. Your relationship will be stronger than ever this way.

Offer your seat to an elderly person on the bus

Very self explanatory. This also goes for pregnant women or young children (the dear little things who haven’t sorted out the whole balance situation yet.)

Ask someone how they are

Don’t just save it for R U Okay Day. Ask a loved one, a friend, or a stranger how they’re doing, and in return, open up honestly about how you’re going. Ahhh communication is amazing, isn’t it?

Be kind

It takes a lot more effort to be rude than to be nice to other people. Treat others how you wish to be treated. To quote Ellen, “Be kind to one another.”

Show more gratutude

There is no such thing as too many “thank you”s. A heartfelt show of gratitude can change someone’s entire day. It feels good to be appreciated and it feels good to show appreciation.

Interact with service providers

Be it chatting to your Uber driver, thanking your bus driver, or asking your waiter how their day’s going – those in service are real people and we should make an effort to treat them as such.

Listen more

Listening, in today’s society, is a lost art. Be it as a supportive friend or to authentically take in someone’s opinion/ideas, society works better as a whole when others feel genuinely valued and heard.




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