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Make A Difference Without Spending a Cent I

By Samantha Plink

Ways to make a difference without spending a cent:

1. Volunteer

Countless organisations would appreciate your time, even just an hour here and there. It’s also an excellent way to meet like-minded people and looks great on your resume.

2. Grow your own herbs and vegetables

Growing your own food is a simple way to reduce your impact on the environment. It’ll save you cash, and tastes better too. Easy plants to start out with include mint, spinach, basil and cherry tomatoes.

3. Visit an elderly person

Have a cup of tea with an elderly neighbour or get involved in a charity that organises nursing home visits. Provide them with much-needed company and benefit from the wisdom of their years.

4. Meat-Free Mondays

Going meat-free one day a week is great for your health and the planet, as well as being a compassionate step towards preventing animal cruelty and suffering.

5. Vote

For centuries, disadvantaged groups have fought for the right to vote. Make your vote count and treat it as a privilege.

6. Become an organ donor

Registering as an organ donor could mean giving someone a second chance. Make sure your family understands your wishes.

7. Donate Blood

There are far fewer people who donate blood than those who require it. Sure, it’s slightly uncomfortable, but it only lasts for half an hour, and could save a life.

8. Online Activism

Activism isn’t just about marching through the streets and chanting anymore. Campaign for a cause from your computer chair through sites like and and join thousands taking action.

9. Write

Send letters to local politicians about changes you want to see in your community. Don’t always assume someone else is writing to them.

10. Upcycle

Get creative and turn trash into treasure. Check out UpcyleThat for inspiration –

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