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10 Small Charities That Are Actually Making A Difference

Most people are happy to help the needy, but with a large number of charities around the world, each with its own compelling cause, it’s difficult to sift through all the charities to find out which one deserves your donation the most. We have compiled a list of 10 small charities that are making a global impact, you may have never heard about these organizations, but we hope you’ll be inspired to make donations to them.

  1. India Development and Relief Fund
    This charity is based in North Bethesda Md. They work in poor communities in India and Nepal to finance programs that improve health care, education, governance, women’s empowerment and eco-friendly livelihoods. They work hard to provide clean water, food and shelter to communities affected by natural disasters.  India Development and Relief Fund
  2. Pediatric Cancer Foundation
    Pediatric Cancer Foundation raises money to fund cancer research. The goal is to collaborate with top doctors and researchers to expedite the development of new treatments and increase the rate of survival of kids battling with cancer Fund pediatric cancer research.
  3. Child Soldiers International
    This charity organization campaigns globally for an end to the enlistment and use of children – boys and girls under 18 – by the military or militant groups. CSI (click here)
  4. Help for Heroes
    This charity organization provides direct and practical support for the injured, wounded and sick veterans, service personnel and their families in the United Kingdom. HFH (click here)
  5. Charity Water
    Charity Water is a charity organization based in NYC. This charity organization is present in 22 developing countries, ensuring that clean water is available to people in need. Charity Water (click here)
  6. Amnesty International
    Globally an average of one woman dies every 90 seconds in childbirth or pregnancy. Every woman deserves maternal health and Amnesty International hopes to achieve this by collaborative effort with top researchers and doctors as well as creating health education and awareness to the general public. Website (click here)
  7. British Heart Foundation
    The British Health Foundation is an independent charity organization working to improve the quality of healthcare in the UK. Coronary heart disease is the leading killer in the United Kingdom. Website (click here)
  1. Equality Now
    Equality Now deals with the protection and promotion of the right of women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure and legal advocacy. This charity is focused on helping girls realize their right to education. Equality (click here)
  2. Alpha House of Tampa
    This charity organization based in Florida caters to the needs of women dealing with catastrophe and their family members. They offer maternity care, housing, counseling, education, vocational training, life-skills, parenting and assistance. Florida charity
  3. Better Basics
    The goal of Better Basics is to promote literacy through intervention programs. The charity organization provides services to 52 schools in Birmingham and other schools. Last year alone Better Basics distributed more than 41000 books to needy children.  Better Basics.

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