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Ways To Help Afghanistan Through This Crisis

As the already war-ravaged Afghanistan enters an unprecedented era of uncertainty, more lives and liberties are under threat than ever before. With fear sweeping across the nation, yet again in the grasps of a despotic regime, Afghans of all walks need your help – women, children, dissidents, families, and the displaced alike. Below are 16 organizations you can support who are working tirelessly on the ground in Afghanistan to ensure the security and livelihoods of millions of innocents in harm’s way.


The UNHRC is supplying emergency shelter, food, health, water and sanitation support and cash assistance. They lead on two inter-agency groups, one on protection and response to internally displaced people, and the other on emergency shelter and non-food items, providing core relief items and emergency shelter assistance to vulnerable displaced people. deliver lifesaving aid in areas of conflict, as well as to provide emergency cash assistance and protection services for internally displaced people. They are assisting with shelter, clean water, sanitation and other basic necessities; as well as helping people find livelihood and educational opportunities.


AfghanAid, through strong local roots, provides emergency assistance where needed and supporting families who have lost their homes and livelihoods as a result of the conflict.

Save The Children

Save the Children in Afghanistan aids in providing necessary items like clothes for children, blankets, and kitchen items. They also assist in reducing child deaths, malnutrition, children out of school, child marriage and teen births in the nation.

Care International

While Care commenced with a focus on improved medical training and healthcare in Afghanistan, it has since progressed to community-led reconstruction, community-based education, microcredit, working on improving the health and wellbeing of internally displaced people particularly women, maternal and children.

ActionAid Afghanistan

ActionAid in Afghanistan focuses on ending violence against women and girls, promotion of inclusive and resilient livelihoods, promote resilience among the right holders and promote civic participation.


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The Turquoise Mountain Trust – Afghanistan Appeal

The Turquoise Mountain Trust is currently focused on emergency food and other supply distribution, healthcare services for children and families. They’re well established to provide support through these times, having built a community over 15 years that includes 200 dedicated staff, over 4,000 talented artisans, hundreds of students.

Refugees International

Refugees International and its international partners are working on the establishment of a humanitarian corridor out of Afghanistan to protect civilians and ensure safe passage out of the country for those who need it. They advocate for lifesaving assistance, human rights, and protection for displaced people in these crises.

Children Without Borders and Watan Project

Children Without Borders and Watan Project are an Afghan-relief non-profit who are aiding thousands of violence-torn families in Afganistan sheltering in in schools and tents without any means to survive.

Enabled Children

Enabled Children provide care to Afghan children and youths with disabilities from around the country who have been abandoned or orphaned. They are assisting by creating make-shift camps as well as emergency relief supplies of all nature.

Afghan Women & Children + Jalala Foundation

Afghan Women and Children foundation and Jalala Foundation have been helping devastated women and children by providing them with food, shelter, education and health screening. They have campaigns reaching orphans, poverty-stricken families, as well as the sick and injured.

The Baba Mazari Foundation

The Baba Mazari Foundation has partnered with World Hazara Council, Hazara international, Hazara Committee and committed to distributing $100,000 in emergency aid to the victims of the Taliban onslaught in different parts of Afghanistan. The internally displaced refugees (IDP) will receive much needed emergency aid through their fundraiser.

Medecins Sans Frontieres in Afghanistan

As the Taliban takes over Afghanistan Medecins Sans Frontieres has been providing crucial health services in an increasingly fragile situation and performing lifesaving surgery on victims of the violence. They are also providing crucial emergency, paediatric, and maternal care to those cut off from any other form of healthcare.

Women for Women

During this crisis. Women for Women International, through the support of generous members, are able to match up to $500,000 in donations for their Afghanistan program, dollar for dollar, supporting Afghani women in need and precarity.

World Vision International

World Vision is committing to help keep children educated through the crisis, as well as fighting childhood violence, abuse, and exploitation. Additionally, they’re providing families with clean water, healthcare, and a range of other essential services.

Vital Voices

Vital Voices is ramping up their Voices Against Violence initiative to support Afghan women and girls against gender-based violence and harm through frontline activists and their urgent assistance funds.

Other Ways You Can Help

Petition Your Government

Contact your local and national representatives to boost refugee intakes, provide more humanitarian visas to support evacuation efforts through these times.

Be There for Local Afghans

Provide social and emotional support to your Afghan friends and those of Afghan origin in your community.

Share The Message

Be it by sharing a fundraiser, this article, or another targeted initiative towards assisting the Afghans in these most trying times – use your social channels to inspire action and support within your community.


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Image credit: Unicef.

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