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Five Short Videos to Spark Change

With boundless information at our fingertips, we should seek to educate ourselves of the many social and environmental issues we face. Here are five videos to change your perspective of global issues, and spark action.

Fight for gender equality

Gender imbalance is defined as the disparity between males and females. It can materialise in the workplace, school, walking down the street, and pretty much everywhere you look. The hyper-sexualisation of women, whilst at base level is dangerous, also inhibits them from reaching a potential seemingly reserved for those of the opposite sex. This powerful speech will move you to see things through the eyes of a woman sick of sexualisation and gender imbalance.

Support refugee rights

All people have the right to safety. When confronted with poor living situations, or life-threatening circumstances, a refugee has the right to seek safe asylum. Through media representation, refugee rights have been long debated, namely in the matter of allowing them to inhabit the land, or to send them offshore to processing centres, or back home. This emotional video allows us to see refugees for what they are, and how they should be treated: as humans.

Advocate for fair trade

Fair Trade is an agreement between companies and counterparts to advocate for better working conditions, fair pay, and overall improved social and environmental standards. It’s an important issue to bring to the surface as by supporting big brands, many people unknowingly support sweatshops and inhumane working conditions, commonly in third world countries. Watch this short video to find out more, and how you can help.

End pollution through sustainability

The great pacific garbage patch is not a myth. It exists, a giant landfill of floating plastic and garbage debris, in multiple parts of the ocean. Pollution is one of the greatest detriments to the sustainability of the earth, and there needs to be a greater push toward using biodegradable alternatives to stop the domino effect that wastage creates. This three-part documentary by Vice is confronting, which is perhaps exactly what we need to start valuing sustainability and the earth.

Spread awareness for mental health

Mental health issues hold a certain stigma in our society. They often aren’t accepted as a form of legitimate illness, leading sufferers to feel invalidated. In order to understand how to treat mental health issues, it needs to be widely accepted without prejudice. This video is a personal look into the stories of everyday people, and how they cope with their illness.

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